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Photo Album

  • Station work........Did the timer go off yet?
  • Really Ms. Case?  Really?
  • I'm loving it!
  • All set?
  • You bet!
  • Only good snake is a dead one!
  • Where did this come from Ms Case?  Really!!!
  • When you're happy and you know it.................
  • Ready to Rock?
  • Ready to Roll!!!!
  • Very interesting
  • And what do we have here?
  • I got this!  Step back..........
  • Awe........they are so tiny!
  • Amazing, just amazing!  Fighting can lower your IQ.........Wow!
  • Say Cheese!
  • I see it!  FUNGUS
  • You see Paige, this is the heart!
  • What great team work!!  You go girls!
  • What did we find here?
  • Getting a closer look at the mouse bones!
  • On task!  Making Ms. Case proud!
  • Thinking maps, thinking maps, thinking maps!
  • Forget sitting down, we don't have time for that!  15 minutes!!!
  • Welcome little guys!
  • Now, what did that word mean?
  • Hard working student!
  • I'm so happy you're taking my picture Ms. Case!
  • Peaches, Lemon Drop and Wildcat!
  • The few, the proud, the snake handlers!
  • Nothing better than reading a good book!
  • The few, the proud, the snake handlers!

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